written assignment 94

NYS English Grade 10!

Think of a mentor text that could be part of your unit plan, or one you are currently using- or hope to use in the future. Create a chart similar to the one on pa.72 for your mentor text and supporting materials you will use. Use the same 3 headings

Think about:

What are some procedures you will put into place that will allow you to address the NYS Next Generation ELA Language standard on a daily basis?

Will you pull from Atwell’s workshop model that places a lot of responsibility on the student?

Do you want to create a class website/blog similar to Grammar Girl?
If you do this: Who will up-date it? How will you make sure every student is involved & engaged?

Personally, I used to address grammar and vocabulary in daily mini-lessons. This required mapping out what I needed to both introduce and reinforce throughout the year. I also had to be aware that I would need to spiral back to revisit some topics and concepts more than once if I continued to see errors in written and oral expression.

Although this is an overview of texts and resources, you need to select them with how they will help you address learning standards-especially grammar and usage. You need not articulate (in writing) why you have selected the texts/resources you have, but, you must keep in mind what you hope students will learn, and how you will assess this on a formative & summative fashion throughout the year. It is not enough to select a novel you like and teach it the way you remember it being taught in high school.

I will attach part 1 of the assignment and everything else that may help you with it.


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